Top 10 skills for a resume:

Our research into skills searches online shows these are the most in-demand skills for a resume in today’s job market.

It’s important to note that the right resume skills for the job you’re applying for will come down to the employer’s requirements (but more on identifying these skills later).

While reviewing our list of potential skills to put on your resume, note those soft, hard and technical skills that apply to you and set them aside to include on your resume skills list.

1. Communication skills:

Employers consider effective communication skills as a prerequisite for most jobs, whether you’ll be assisting a customer or interacting with your team members. Ensure your resume includes achievements that involve interacting well with others and stresses “verbal and written communication” in the skills section of your resume.

2. Teamwork skills:

Even if you’re working from home, collaboration and supporting other team members remain essential to add to a resume. Provide examples of how you’ve successfully worked alongside others and contributed to overall team success.

3. Computer proficiency skills:

Computers are used for everything from medical records to warehouse invoicing, so being proficient in certain software and adept at computers counts for a lot. If the job doesn’t mention a specific computer skill to put on a resume, mention software you’ve used that could apply to the job (e.g., Microsoft Office for an office administration position).

4. Attention to detail:

Catching mistakes and fixing them, ensuring all your job duties are handled correctly and delivering accurate, high-quality work are all hallmarks of great employees — and all stem from great attention to detail, making it a good skill to put on a resume. Give evidence of work responsibilities and achievements that depend on this trait.

5. Flexibility:

You may be asked to wear many hats at work, work odd hours or perform tasks that go outside your job description during your career. Those who can handle ever-shifting demands and continue to excel at their job are in high demand by recruiters, hence why they search for this soft skill in the resume skills section. Show off examples of how you’ve been able to go with the flow and adapt to what companies need.

6. Time management skills:

Employers need workers who can work efficiently and on time. To show recruiters you have this ability, don’t just include this soft skill in the skills section of your resume, but come up with some work examples that show you can successfully and consistently meet deadlines or juggle multiple tasks without delays.

7. Work ethic:

How you approach your work is as important as the technical skills you add to your resume skills section. Employers will always appreciate a work ethic that shows you’re dedicated and committed to the job. List tasks and work achievements in your resume that show you are going above and beyond and demonstrate how you’ve put time and energy into your work.

8. Customer service skills:

Many companies depend on superior customer service to reinforce company quality and branding, from greeting guests to dealing with dissatisfied customers. Include customer services skills on your resume by listing work experiences where you’ve successfully assisted others, gained recognition for superior customer satisfaction and management, and brought about good results for the company.

9. Creativity:

New approaches to solving problems or applying “out-of-the-box” thinking to drum up new clients or start fresh initiatives can elevate a company. Creativity is one of the top skills to put on a resume, especially in those industries that rely on innovation and keeping ahead of the competition. Give an example or two from your work history that shows you can bring an inventive, original approach.

10. Project management skills:

Advancing your career relies heavily on showing you can oversee and manage work projects. Be sure to mention any familiarity with Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, and project management software, such as Trello and Zoho, in the skills section of your resume. Give specific details on projects you’ve led that had positive results.

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